Mar 29, 2023, 6:00 pm7:00 pm


Event Description

Dr. Shubha Pathak ‘93 (American University) examines how and why the Mahābhārata interrupts its portrayal of Arjuna and Aśvatthāman’s final battle, in favor of symbolically elevating the Visnu-allied Arjuna above the Śiva-aligned Aśvatthāman. What does this suggest about intersectarian debate more broadly?

This talk is part of the Hindu Studies Lecture Series. This year, a variety of scholars will share insights about the Mahabharata. All lectures will be held at 6 pm in Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building, Room 217

The program continues in April:

  • Thursday, April 13, 6 pm: Mahābhārata Storytelling as Therapy for Contemporary Veterans by Rodney Sebastian (Manhattan College)
  • Thursday, April 20, 6 pm: Admonitions Against Grief as Voiced by Prominent Mahābhārata Characters by Shiv K. Subramaniam (Emory University)

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  • Office of Religious Life
  • Center for Culture, Society, and Religion
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Sacred Text Study
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