ORL Stories

Monday, May 31, 2021
by Alix Barry '22

Religion has often been considered a barrier for gender justice and women empowerment. Given this reality, the Princeton University Office of Religious Life (ORL) is dedicated to being a space that is distinctly religious, and also committed to uplifting women: their histories, lived experience, and leadership.

Thursday, Nov 19, 2020
by Regina Lankenau '21

On the night we were told that Princeton University was moving entirely online and students were to move out of campus by the end of the week, I headed towards one of the people I knew I’d miss the most: Carmen Minera, a staff member at my eating club who had long been like a second mom to me.

Monday, Nov 16, 2020
by Regina Lankenau '21

Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020
by Regina Lankenau '21

It was 2009. On his drive home from work that day, Princeton University organist Eric Plutz began to wonder.

Friday, Oct 2, 2020
by Regina Lankenau '21

“Reflect on the apparent accidents in your life that have had significant positive consequences.” This was one of the three contemplative prompts offered to us on Week Two of our Faith-Based Internship with the Office of Religious Life. 

Thursday, Oct 1, 2020
In recognition of the recent milestone of 200,000 official Covid deaths in the US, in the context of a million deaths worldwide, the Office of Religious Life has placed 200 flowers on the steps of the University Chapel.
Monday, Oct 22, 2018
The Office of Religious Life strives to encourage spiritual growth and maturity within Princeton University in ways that are appropriate for each community member: to promote empirical religious literacy in preparation for citizenship in globalized, multi-religious societies; to equip members of the University community with the ability to...

The soaring arches of the Princeton University Chapel have summoned countless people to come inside to find faith, peace, inspiration, challenge, and courage. The gathering for worship that, in 1746, resulted in the founding of what is now Princeton University is the same community that convenes each Sunday morning to pray for a Spirit and to...