Please find the panel and roundtable discussions as well as links to summaries and videos below, including a full report of roundtable summaries.


Opening Panel: Who is a Refugee and Therefore Who Am I?

Andrea Bartoli, Community of Sant’Egidio (Moderator)

Joel Charny, Norwegian Refugee Council-USA

Reverend Seth Kaper-Dale, Reformed Church of Highland Park

Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Princeton University

Sana Mustafa (Respondent)           


Closing Panel: Once a Refugee, Always a Refugee? Faith-Based Welcome

Katherine Marshall, Georgetown University (Moderator)

Claudio Betti, Community of Sant'Egidio 

Ashley Feasley, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Sarah Sayeed, New York City Mayor's Community Affairs Unit

Mamadou Sy, Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area


Morning Roundtable Session, 10:00-11:30am


Gender and Migration

Erin Wilson, University of Groningen (Moderator)

Hind Alowais, UN Women

Anindita Chatterjee Bhaumik, Connect Faith

Andrew Fuys, Church World Service


On the Ground Lessons from an International Perspective

Tahir Zaman, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) (Moderator)

Hajar al-Kaddo, Human Appeal

Gabe Huck, Iraqi/Syrian Student Project

Theresa Kubasak, Iraqi/Syrian Student Project

Isis Sunwoo, World Vision International

Jenna Spitzer, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Interfaith Approaches to Migration

Rev. Kyoiichi Sugino, Religions for Peace (Moderator)

Imam Shamsi Ali, Nusantara Foundation

Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer, HIAS

Daniel O’Neill, Christian Journal for Global Health

Adjoa Mante, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Global Citizenship in an Era of Nationalism

Aaron Tyler, University of St. Mary’s (Moderator)

Tom Dobbins Jr., Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of New York

Athena Mison Fulay, International Institute of Education

Daniel Perell, Baha'i Representative to the United Nations

Tamara Mann Tweel, Hillel International

Talya Nevins, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Root Causes of Forced Migration

David Hollenbach, Georgetown University (Moderator)

Wa’el Alzayat, Emerge USA

Diane Paulsell, Cristosal

Madeline Rose, Mercy Corps 

Julia Casazza, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Forced Passage: Smuggling, Trafficking, and Creating Humanitarian Corridors

Antti Pentikainen, The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers (Moderator)

Emilia Casella, World Food Programme

Ahed Festuk, Activist

Charlie Gardner, Community of Sant’Egidio

Julianna Wright, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Religious Experience: Testimonies from Refugees and Workers

Margarita Mooney, Princeton Theological Seminary (Moderator)

Rev. Chris Antal, Rock Tavern Unitarian Universalists

Ashar Hafeez Ghumman, Interfaith-RISE

David Sulewski, Community of Sant'Egidio

Andie Ayala, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Let’s Talk About Politics: Politicization of Migrants

Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University (Moderator)

Jane Bloom, International Catholic Migration Commission

Scott Cooper, Human Rights First

Salim Patel, SMILE for Charity

Sarah Sakha, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Refugees in the Law

Silas Allard, Emory University (Moderator)

Sharif Aly, Islamic Relief USA

Serges Demefack, American Friends Service Committee

Elizabeth Foydel, International Refugee Assistance Project

Sahand Keshavarz Rahbar, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Syria and Iraq: Religion and Migration in the Face of Violence

Cameron Hume, Georgetown University (Moderator)

Sarab al-Jijakli, Network of Arab-American Professionals

Mustafa Hmood, Iraqi/Syrian Student Project

Issam Khoury, Center for Environmental and Social Development

Becca Keener, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


In Every Generation: Descendants Carry on the Work

Melissa Borja, College of Staten Island (Moderator)

Patrick Barry, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden

Louise Sandburg, The Jewish Center's Interfaith Resettlement Committee (TJC/IRC)

Hemant Wadhwani, Hindu American Seva

Safa Syed, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Afternoon Roundtable Session, 12:30-2:00pm


Health, Mental Health, and Migration

Sana Malik, Wichita State University (Moderator)

Debra Boudreaux, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Sadia Kalam, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Cathy Motamed, International Rescue Committee/NJ State Office for Refugees

Salwa Ahmad, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Refugee Resettlement: From Global to Local

Larry Yungk, UNHCR-DC (Moderator)

Tom Charles, Nassau Presbyterian Church

Heba Gowayed, Princeton University

Erol Kekic, Church World Service

Matthew Martinez, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


The Media and Migration: A Workshop

Deb Amos, NPR (Moderator)

Thibault Chareton, UNAOC

Naomi Hunt, International Dialogue Centre (KAIICID)

Eldar Shafir, Princeton University

Iris Samuels, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


What is the Just University? Responding to Forced Migration

Stan Katz, Princeton University (Moderator)

Patrick Barry, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden

Mark Justad, Every Campus a Refuge/Guilford College

Dennis McAuliffe, Georgetown University

Marissa Rosenberg-Carlson, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Creating Sanctuary Space: A Workshop

Linda Rabben, University of Maryland (Moderator)

Fr. Daniel Groody, University of Notre Dame

Peter Pedemonti, New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia

David Sulewski, Community of Sant'Egidio

Luisa Banchoff, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Refugee Work as Vocation

Pulin Sanghvi, Princeton University Career Services (Moderator)

Joey Ager, Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities

Marisol Conde-Hernandez, Rutgers Law School

Lina Sergie Attar, Karam Foundation

Julianna Wright, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


How Do We Operationalize Our Faith?

Alex Goldberg, Carob Tree Project (Moderator)

Bram Bailey, Salvation Army

Mitzi Schroeder, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

Imam Sohaib Sultan, Princeton University

Adjoa Mante, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Refugees and Resistance

Anastasia Mann, Princeton University (Moderator)

Saulo Padilla, Mennonite Central Committee

Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Princeton University

Karol Ruiz, Wind of the Spirit Immigration Resource Center

Fatima Shama, Fresh Air Fund

Becca Keener, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Children, Religion, and Refugees

Liza Barrie, UNICEF (Moderator)

Ayman Mansour, Syrian American Medical Society

Daniel Perell, Baha'i Representative to the United Nations

Paola Stevens, Interfaith-RISE

William Vendley, Religions for Peace

Mariachiara Ficarelli, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)


Women Refugees: Conversation and Action

Katherine Marshall, Georgetown University (Moderator)

Olivia Wicki, Princeton University (Student Rapporteur)

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