Being a welcomed guest in another community is one of the profoundest ways to learn

The ORL regularly sponsors opportunities for current students to travel around the US and the world to learn about the intersection of practiced religion with human rights, social change, interfaith understanding, arts and culture, and more.

Recent delegations have included:   Cuba — Religion, Human Rights and Social Change, Detroit — The Jewish/Muslim Dialogue Group, Thailand and Burma — Interfaith relationships and network-building for justice and peace, Ghana — An interfaith exploration of arts, religion and culture , Oman - An Interfaith Delegation Exploring Inter-Religious Reconciliation and Peace-Building and a Civil Rights Tour of the South.














Fall Break 2018 | ORL to OMAN

Princeton University’s Office of Religious Life sponsored a trip to Oman during fall break, October 25 – Nov 4, 2018.  Current Princeton students from any program are welcome to apply.  The purpose of the trip is to learn about and from the religious communities in Oman (primarily Muslim, Christian and Hindu) and especially about their efforts at interreligious reconciliation and peacebuilding.  Our host will be the Al Amana Center in Muscat.

Our itinerary will include the following:

  • Visits to religious communities and conversations with their members, including the Grand Mosque, a Hindu temple, and Christian churches
  • Introduction by Omani hosts to Scriptural Reasoning, the text-study method by which they look for similarities in teachings and for opportunities for dialogue and partnership
  • Meeting at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and with a member of the State Council
  • Opportunities to attend religious services in the community/ies of one’s choice
  • Visit to the Palace, souk, and National Museum
  • Dinner with Omani university students, perhaps including cooking lessons
  • A trip to Wadi Shab, dune riding, glamping under the desert stars, campfire with local new friends
  • A visit to Nizwa and its souk and historic mosque
  • A visit to the Bhala Fort

The cost of the trip is $2,950, which covers $2000 for all in-country expenses (except souvenirs, snacks, etc.) and $950 for airfare.  There may be additional small costs such as those related to visas, etc.  Participants may apply for financial aid for the trip by a separate, later application to the Office of Religious Life.

Some issues to keep as mind as you consider applying for the trip:

  • We leave campus early on the morning of Thursday, Oct 25.  You need to be sure that you don’t have an exam or essential lab, class, or performance, etc., later that day or on Friday.  You cannot fly later to join the group.  
  • For the Shabbat-observant, please know that we will arrive in Muscat on Friday afternoon, well before sundown, and we will not have any internal travel on Shabbat.
  • Dietary needs:  vegetarian and vegan food will be plentiful.  Strictly Kosher food will not.
  • Oman is a conservative country and our group will need to respect local customs.  This will include modest clothing (covered shoulders, long pants/skirts, etc.) and abstention from alcohol.   If you are hoping to party, this is not the trip for you!

Deadline for application is Sep 21, 2018.   

The application can be found here - Fall Break 2018 ORL to Oman



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