Partners & Collaborators

The ORL does its work in collaboration with many wonderful organizations.

Together we work to make religion a positive factor in human rights and human well-being.




The ORL has hosted a joint community forum on the state of Muslim marriages in America.


American Learning Institute for Muslims

The ORL has co- hosted weekend learning seminars on islamic spirituality and law.


The Bhumi Project

(a project of the OCHS and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation)

The Hindu Life Program partnered with the Bhumi Project -- a joint project of the OCHS and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation in the UK -- to promote Hindu Awareness Week in the United States. We are also joining with the Bhumi Project to spearhead the Bhumi Pledge, an initiative asking Hindu students to commit to protecting the environment through their actions.


Buncher Conference

The Buncher Conference is an international multi-faith event, co-sponsored by the ORL, based in Europe, aiming at bringing top leaders from different disciplines to discuss critical issues pertaining to the life of their communities.


The Carter Center

The ORL is joining with the Carter Center in the production of a handbook (print and online) that will assist people in any region and religious tradition to combat human rights abuses against women that are perpetrated with religious sanction.


The Community of Sant'Egidio

With the Community of Sant'Egidio the ORL produced the major conference Poverty and Peacemaking in Sept 2014, and continues to participate in Sant 'Egidio's global efforts to mobilize people of faith as agents of peacemaking and poverty-reduction. In March of 2017 the second Poverty and Peacemaking conference, Seeking Refuge: Faith-Based Approaches to Forced Migration, will take place at Princeton University. Visit the conference website to learn more.


Hindu American Seva Communities

The ORL Hindu Life Program collaborates with HASC to develop grass-roots initiatives for students to connect the Hindu concept of seva(sacred service) with social justice needs. Particular areas of focus include: women's empowerment, environmental awareness, and anti-bullying advocacy.


INEB — The International Network of Engaged Buddhists

INEB is the leading voice in articulating Socially Engaged Buddhism in the world, while integrating the practice of Buddhism with social action for a healthy, just, and peaceful world.  The ORL has hosted student delegations to Thailand and Burma with INEB, along with other projects.


Inner-City Muslim Action Network

The ORL is in the process of building a partnership that would bring IMAN's model to Trenton.


The Interfaith Center of New York

With support from ICNY the ORL provides the Interfaith Summer Internship Program (ISIP) each year for 10 –15 Princeton students.  ISIP has a three part mission:  to train Princeton students in interfaith organizing through a hands on summer internship in New York city, to partner with secular organizations that focus on underserved communities, and to develop greater awareness of the role religion plays in fostering civil society.


Islamic Society of North America

The ORL has hosted a joint community forum on the state of Mosques in America.



The Khoryug Princeton Internship is a summer internship program connecting Princeton University with His Holiness the Seventeenth Karmapa's initiative Khoryug, a network of Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas who are jointly committed to environmental protection of the Himalayan region.


Muslims Against Hunger

The ORL has helped organize a biweekly soup kitchen through TASK (the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen).


The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

The Hindu Life Program is joining with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies to explore educational opportunities for Princeton students with an interest in Hinduism as both a studied and lived tradition. The OCHS has helped the Hindu Life Program to launch our Hindu Studies Lecture Series (held each Spring), and we are currently developing online learning modules and an on-site intensive held at Oxford.


The Sadhana Coalition

The Hindu Life Program joins with the Sadhana Coalition, a network of progressive Hindus based in New York City, to raise awareness about socially progressive voices within the Hindu world. We co-hosted workshops and lectures with the Sadhana Coalition on issues such as Hinduism and LGBT rights, Hindu environmental ethics, and finding one's spiritual calling through social justice.



A partnership with the ORL's Muslim Life Program to introduce underprivileged children to college admission.


Taleef Collective

Princeton grad students, collaborating with the Muslim Life Program, are working on a book for converts to Islam.