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Murray-Dodge Hall
The Home of Spiritual Activities at Princeton

Murray-Dodge Hall is a beloved, gracious building on the Princeton University campus.  Built in 1879, Murray-Dodge Hall houses the deans and staff of the Office of Religious Life as well as a number of campus ministries. Murray-Dodge Hall provides a much-loved community space where we serve…

Deans of Religious Life
A Message from the Deans

We want to help Princeton University members to answer for themselves their own great questions of what to believe and how to live. We are available for individual counseling, discussions in classrooms or broader public settings, and other kinds of partnerships. We seek to…

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Helping you to find your place within the many opportunities that we offer is our great joy. We want to assist you in any way!
Murray-Dodge Café

The Murray-Dodge Café is an informal, underground meeting place serving (free!) fresh-baked cookies, coffee, and tea!  Our dedicated and experienced PU student staff helps to make this a great place to take a study break, meet some new friends, or reconnect with old ones!  Open daily during the academic year, all…

Partners & Collaborators
The ORL does its work in collaboration with many wonderful organizations. Together we work to make religion a positive factor in human rights and human well-being.
Places of Peace
Life at Princeton can be stressful, but in the midst of it all are many places of beauty and peace.

Murray-Dodge Hall has two prayer rooms on the third floor, one dedicated to the Muslim community’s use for continual daily prayers (salaat) and the other for any who want to stop in.    There are outdoor places of peace…