Carillon Summer Concert - Tiffany Lin performs

Join us for a Carillon Concert outside at the Cleveland Tower of the Graduate College, 88 College Road West! Celebrating over 25 years of community recitals, the Princeton University Carillon at the Graduate College will again host a season of summer concerts for the surrounding community! Each week features a different performer. Concerts are held outside - rain or shine - at 1pm every Sunday during July, August, and the first Sunday of September. Admission is free. Questions? Email Lisa Lonie at Directions to the Graduate School click here.

July 5, Sunday at 1pm - Tiffany Lin, Pennsylvania
July 12, Sunday at 1pm - Jim Brinson, Pennsylvania
July 19, Sunday at 1pm - Tom Gurin, Pennsylvania
July 26, Sunday at 1pm - Andy Zhang, Connecticut
August 2, Sunday at 1pm - Jonathan Lehrer, New York
August 9, Sunday at 1pm - Lisa Lonie, Pennsylvania
August 16, Sunday at 1pm - The Treblemakers - Janet Tebbel & Lisa Lonie, Pennsylvania

August 23, Sunday at 1pm - Doug Gefvert, Pennsylvania
August 30, Sunday at 1pm - Paul Stelben, Connecticut
September 6, Sunday at 1pm - Robin Austin, Pennsylvania

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The carillon, a program of University Chapel Music, is made possible by an endowment established by the Class of 1892.

The CARILLON is a musical instrument of 23 or more bells that when sounded produce music. Carillon bells are hung stationary with only the clapper moving against the lip of the bell. It is manually played from a console with both fists and feet activating batons and pedals attached to the clappers through mechanical linkage. There is no electronic assistance to ring the bells. Remarkable variations in expression are possible and controlled entirely by the carillonneur. The music can travel great distances in all directions, making it a community instrument for the public.

The largest bell of the Princeton carillon weighs 12,880 pounds. Dedicated in 1927 the Princeton carillon is memorialized to The Class of 1892. The 67 bronze bells were cast in England, France and The Netherlands.

The carillon is a program of University Chapel Music and made possible by an endowment established by the Class of 1892.

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Carillon Summer Concert is here!

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Carillon Summer Concert - Tiffany Lin performs

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