The Office of Religious Life supports all members of the Princeton community, of any religious identity or of none, in answering for themselves their own questions of how to find meaning and how to live.

The Office of Religious Life at Princeton University values

Radical Welcome

We serve the entire Princeton community. All are welcome at our programs and in our spaces, whether or not they hold specific religious beliefs or want to explore different religious or spiritual traditions.

Spiritual Exploration

We lean into big questions of meaning and purpose, and we assert that spiritual exploration can be an important pathway to finding individual answers.


We affirm that there is much to be learned by sharing space, conversation, and experiences with people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and life paths. We uphold the radically equal value of each person’s identities.


We bring people together for ritual and celebration— in sangha, fellowship, and jama’a. We offer presence and care when people are struggling, when they are rejoicing, and everything in between.


We work to form educated, articulate, compassionate, other-aware citizens who participate in critical issues of human flourishing and peace building in our region, country, and world.