The Office of Religious Life at Princeton University believes that all people experience a continuous process of coming to understand who they are, as individuals and communities, and why they are here. This journey of reflection and self-discovery happens in many ways— spiritual, cultural, and secular—and we support all of them. We welcome all members of the University community to find support from us, to participate in our programs, and to spend time with us in reflection, connection, celebration, and action. At the Princeton University Chapel our events range from the annual interfaith Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors to the Hindu celebration of Diwali to the Muslim celebration of Mawlid to Sunday Christian services. Our offices are in Murray-Dodge Hall provide a much-loved community space where we serve cookies and tea every day to anyone who wants to stop by, along with spaces for prayer, meetings, programs, and quiet study. About the Office of Religious Life We offer, or support, religious services in various traditions and denominations for the University and the broader Princeton community, including midweek Christian praise services, weekly Jumma Prayer, regular Shabbat services at the Center for Jewish Life and Chabad, Hindu pujas, Buddhist meditation, and opportunities for studying the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Torah, Qur’an, and other sacred texts.

We offer pastoral counseling, interfaith dialogue, fellowship opportunities, meditation, yoga, performances of sacred music, lectures and panels, conferences, and trips abroad to learn about religion and social change. We promote religious and spiritual expression on campus, and we explore the intersection of religion with many contemporary issues, such as forced migration and the refugee crisis, mental health, racial justice, gender identities, and other critical public conversations of the day, often in partnership with other offices, departments, or organizations.