UN Women Faith and Gender Justice Fellowship

UN Women Faith and Gender Justice
UN Women Faith and Gender Justice Fellowship

The Office of Religious Life is excited to announce it is continuing the Faith and Gender Justice Fellowship program, a partnership with UN Women’s Civil Society Division during AY 2020-2021. This program offers students a rare opportunity to examine the functioning and effects of gendered structures and norms within faith-based institutions (rooted in people of faith’s lived experiences) while exploring how secular agencies such as the UN can serve as active partners with religious communities. This partnership also celebrates and mobilizes the unique contributions of people of faith to ongoing activism for gender justice. Students of all genders and spiritual backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


About the Program

Each Thursday of the academic year, selected students will meet for discussions focused on a wide variety of topics concerning the intersection of faith and gender justice rooted in students’ own lived experiences. Meetings will feature distinguished guest speakers from civil society, the public sector, and academia who will help students situate their lived experiences in a global context and explore the political, social, and cultural impacts of religious structures on gender in-depth. 

Additionally, students will directly contribute to the UN Women’s upcoming curated conversations by researching, preparing annotated bibliographies, and writing recommendations from a faith-based perspective. Topics of research include multi-layered inclusion and intersectionality, intergenerational dialogues and youth activism, and cultural change and transformation. In 2021, students will work closely to highlight young people of faith in the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Session and Gender Equality Forum.


Collaboration with UN Women

With the launch of UN Women’s Generation Equality campaign and its commitment to increased youth participation in 25th-anniversary reviews of the Beijing Platform for Action, UN Women recognizes the need for a global cohort of young people of faith able to mobilize their communities towards gender justice. The aim of the Faith and Gender Justice Student Fellowship is not to adopt or promote an antagonistic position towards any religious tradition or spiritual practice but rather for students to identify and mobilize resources for gender justice from within and across diverse religious and spiritual traditions. 

In this way, the Faith and Gender Justice Student Fellowship fosters young people’s engagement in global convenings like the Generation Equality Forum in 2021 and endeavors to cultivate a new and necessary kind of community in the ongoing movement for gender justice.


How to Apply

We welcome the applications of students of all genders and spiritual backgrounds committed to working for gender justice within their communities and religious institutions and for the inclusion of diverse faith-based perspectives within local, national, and global movements for gender justice. We encourage applicants and student fellows to approach the notion of “gender justice” with honesty and authenticity, rooted in their own experiences of faith-based and secular environments.

The application process consists of a few short answer questions and attendance at one of three info sessions organized by the student coordinators. Please submit the written application by midnight on Sunday, September 6, 2020. The application is accessible here.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact Shanaz Deen (sdeen@princeton.edu) or Saoirse Bodnar (sbodnar@princeton.edu).