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ORL programs seek to educate participants about specific topics within and across religious communities.  Below are two new exciting events The Courage to Lead: Personal Transformation and Social Change” with Parker J. Palmer and Marcy Jackson.  The first is a Public Lecture with Parker J. Palmer "Cultivating Leaders & Change Agents."  The second event is a retreat and workshop hosted by Parker J. Palmer and Marcy Jackson.  Please sign up at the link below for the retreat as it is limited to 35 participants.


Join us Saturday, Dec 2 for a Retreat & Workshop: The Courage to Lead
Hurry!  Space is limited to 35 participants!  
For more info and to sign-up visit: Courage to Lead Worshop & Retreat


Is there a link between personal and social transformation? If so, what is it? Are you passionate about working for social change, but concerned about sustaining your spirit amid heavy demands? This interactive “Circle of Trust” retreat for 35 people offers a rare opportunity for personal renewal, connection with kindred spirits, and engagement with important personal, social, and political questions. It’s a chance to slow down and reflect on the life moment you’re in, honoring struggle and success, commitment and doubt, shadow and light.


Public Lecture on Friday, December 1 at 12pm
The Courage to Lead: Cultivating Leaders & Change Agents


Based on his book, The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal Parker J. Palmer will discuss the role of higher education in cultivating students who have ethical autonomy and the courage to act upon it. Can such an education become a reality? Yes, if we who educate can think and act like the new professionals we need to raise up

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