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Interfaith Group

Princeton Spirituality Group

Princeton Spirituality Group is a group comprised of persons of various religious, non-religious, spiritual beliefs, non-spiritual beliefs and backgrounds or lack thereof. Princeton Spirituality Groups aims to foster a respectful and open-minded community where people can discuss their own individual experiences, perspectives, questions, and reflections on their spirituality or lack thereof. Open to everyone, our group invites you to come join us to discuss your beliefs or lack thereof and especially how they affect and influence you in your daily life.

We hold bimonthly meetings, generally over a meal, to allow people to discuss any updates in their lives, relating to their beliefs or lack thereof, and otherwise, followed by any reflections that they have had on their beliefs or lack thereof. This is generally followed by a discussion surrounding a topic's intersection with our beliefs or lack thereof, and have included in the past family, hometown, age, and politics. 

Co-President:  Nicholas Freeman '18 

Co-President:  Karen Feng '18 

Vice President: Daniel Hahn '18

Treasurer:  Brigitte Lamarche '18

Secretary:  Collin Gurgul '18 

Christian Group

Quaker Meeting for Worship

All are welcome to attend the Quaker Meeting for Worship!

Quaker Meeting for Worship: Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Murray-Dodge 210




Contact:  Janice Roddenbery '77

Phone:  609-896-0807



Interfaith Group

Religious Life Council

The Religious Life Council is an undergraduate fellowship of students who are committed to fostering conversation between people of all faiths and beliefs at Princeton and in the intercollegiate sphere to increase appreciation of diversity at Princeton and to encourage students’ own search for meaning. We partner with the residential colleges, student groups, university administration, and academic offices on campus to encourage student participation in matters of religion, spirituality, and meaning at Princeton.

Advisor: Matthew C. Weiner, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Religious Life


We hold weekly members-only discussions on the intersections of religion and society, as well as public programs including Performing the Sacred, Interfaith Thanksgiving, Interfaith Day of Service, and public lectures.

All interested first-years, sophomores, and juniors are encouraged to apply; applications go live each November and are due in mid-December. 

All accepted student-members commit to our annual Intersession retreat, weekly discussion programs and participation in programs planning, and a September mini-retreat.




CoCon:  Emma Coley '20

CoCon:  Collins Metto '20

Graduate Religious Life Council

CoLeader: Mayank Misra GS

CoLeader: Jessica Sarriot GS