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Christian Group

Princeton University Gospel Ensemble

Princeton University Gospel Ensemble is a student-directed musical group, re-formed in 1983 to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. Its repertoire includes traditional spirituals, church hymns, and contemporary gospel that reflect the variety of music that has developed in the Black churches of America.


Services to be announced.


To be determined

Christian Group

Princeton University Latter Day Saints Student Association

Princeton University Latter Day Saints Student Association is an official student organization for those who are members of or have an interest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church.  In addition to providing support for the spiritual well-being of our members, LDSSA sponsors many activities within the university, with the local church organization of Young Single Adults, and with LDSSA groups from other universities.



For weekly church services we meet on Sunday mornings with the Princeton 1st Ward. Please refer to for precise time and location information.


We also have weekly institute classes and regular social gatherings. Send us an email at to get connected!






President: Sam Rasmussen '19

Treasurer:  Jonathan Spencer GS





Christian Group

Progressive Christians at Princeton

Progressive Christians at Princeton (PCAP) is a student group that explores the intersections of faith, social justice, and progressive values. We aim to create a space for all in search of an intentional Christian community and we eagerly welcome people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, and political commitments. We strive for humility, mutual trust, and solidarity with those who are marginalized. We meet weekly to discuss texts and our own faith journeys.

Please contact us for time and location of our events and meetings.

Co-President:  Sophia Alvarez '18 

Co-President:  Micah Herskind '19

Treasurer:  Rosamund Van Wingerden '20

Christian Group

Quaker Meeting for Worship

All are welcome to attend the Quaker Meeting for Worship!

Quaker Meeting for Worship: Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Murray-Dodge 210




Contact:  Janice Roddenbery '77

Phone:  609-896-0807



Christian Group


The Community of Sant’Egidio is a global movement of Christians dedicated to spreading a culture of peace, justice, and friendship with the marginalized of our society: the poor, the children, and the elderly. We believe that true happiness comes from finding the courage to respond to the gospel’s transformative call to love God and one another. We are committed to building an intimate community of friends at Princeton, foremost through weekly service to the Princeton community, as well as regular prayer and fellowship nights.

Service and meeting schedule to be announced.

To be determined.



Christian Chaplaincy

Wesley Foundation / United Methodist Campus Ministry

We are all farmers in our own way. The gardens of our lives include the spiritual, social, and academic—each is in need of cultivation. We at the Wesley Foundation welcome all those who are seeking what Jesus called “the abundant life,” from the life long Christian to the questioning to the critic. To join us in the search, send us an email or text.

Chaplain: Erik “Skitch” Matson


Service: Sundays at 11am at Princeton United Methodist or Kingston United Methodist Churches

Weekly home-cooked meals on Thursdays.  Contact Skitch for more info.



Campus Office: Murray-Dodge 303 


Christian Group

Worship House

Worship House is a multidenominational Christian group seeking to experience and share the truth, freedom, power, and love of Christ in the context of close community. We believe that God is real and active today by the power of the Holy Spirit in and through God’s people. We are a loving and Scripture-centered group supported by a local church (Worship Church NJ) that seeks the Lord through vibrant, contemporary worship to fulfill Jesus’ commission of His kingdom coming “on earth as it is in heaven!”

Saturdays at 7 pm in Murray-Dodge Hall. We also have Residential College Praise Parties (contact for time and place). 

President: Mikal Walcott '19

Vice President: Rachel Pyfrom '19 

Treasurer: Marissa Webber '19 

Secretary: Benjamin Taylor '19 

Social Chair: Kathryn Phipps '19 

To be added to the listserv, contact:  Mikal Walcott '19 or  Rachel Pyfrom '19